Standardized Emails, Templated Documents, & Electronic Signatures for Insurance Agents

Easy to use. No user limits. Brandable. Customizable. Dynamic workflow … All included with every plan.

Simplify & streamline customer communication with LightMail, an easy-to-use system for your entire staff

Templated Documents

Build written letters and common insurance documents on the fly.

Electronic Signatures

Get insurance documents signed online. Fast, reliable, and secure.

Standardized Emails

Send repetitive emails faster. Add a personal touch. Cross sell and up-sell.

How Can LightMail Help Me?

  1. LightMail is efficient. Allow administrative staff to send emails on behalf of producers at your agency, giving your sales team more time to focus on new business and less on paperwork.
  2. LightMail is flexible. Customize every aspect of the emails you send for your agency. Tailor the whole system to meet your business needs.
  3. LightMail provides consistency. Standardize your email communication across your entire staff, providing a more consistent customer experience.
  4. LightMail is ready to use. Get started quickly with seven prewritten templates for common emails, such as sending quotes and confirming policy changes.

Simple email interface is easy to use for everyone at your office

Simple email interface is easy to use for everyone at your office
Turn every email into an opportunity to cross sell and up-sell
Easily handle exceptions or add a personalized message
First 30 Days Free

Templated Documents

Quickly build common printable letters and PDFs. Standardize and save time.

Why Use LightMail?

  1. LightMail is efficient. Easily build a document, then print, email, or get it signed electronically using our exclusive, integrated workflow.
  2. LightMail is organized. Easily access a repository of documents built by your staff and quickly download to your agency management system.
  3. LightMail is transparent. Managers can review LightMail emails and documents, providing a bird's-eye view of staff productivity.
  4. LightMail is collaborative. Administrative staff can build documents for producers to review within LightMail prior to sending to clients.

Simple document builder is easy to use for everyone at your office

Simple document builder is easy to use for everyone at your office
Preview documents before generating and downloading PDFs
Easily download, print, email, or e-sign generated documents
Free 30-Day Trial

Electronic Signatures

Go paperless. Get insurance documents signed fast. Save time and money.

Why Choose LightMail?

  1. We know insurance. LightMail is an electronic signature system designed for insurance agencies and built in accordance with the federal ESIGN Act.
  2. LightMail is your system. It’s fully brandable, and we don’t advertise ourselves to your customers. Surprisingly, this makes us unique.
  3. LightMail is fast. We designed and built it from the beginning for speed and efficiency. It’s not bloated with features you don’t want and will never use.
  4. LightMail boosts your ROI. Affordable plans allow you to spend less on writing new policies and retaining your clients.

Quickly see what's been signed and what needs attention

Quickly see what's been signed and what needs attention
Simple drag-and-drop interface for placing fields on a document
Intuitive process makes it fast and easy for your customers to sign
Free for 30 Days

LightMail Plans & Pricing


For small agencies

250 credits
75¢ / additional credit
250 credits is enough for
250emails or
250documents or
50e-sign requests or
mix and match to meet your needs


Most popular plan

500 credits
50¢ / additional credit
500 credits is enough for
500emails or
500documents or
100e-sign requests or
mix and match to meet your needs


For moderate usage

1,000 credits
25¢ / additional credit
1,000 credits is enough for
1,000emails or
1,000documents or
200e-sign requests or
mix and match to meet your needs


For heavy usage

3,000 credits
10¢ / additional credit
3,000 credits is enough for
3,000emails or
3,000documents or
600e-sign requests or
mix and match to meet your needs
Try LightMail for Free

No credit card required.  No pushy sales calls.  No strings attached.

Which plan is right for me?

Plans are based on volume. Choose a plan based on how much you expect to use LightMail.

It's OK to start with the Bronze plan and upgrade as your needs change.

How do the plans differ?

Every plan is identical in terms of features, service, and support.

The difference is the number of credits included with each plan and the cost of additional credits.

What is a credit?

Each plan comes with a set number of credits to use each month.

Sending an e-sign request uses five credits. Sending an email uses one credit. Building a document uses one credit.

Are there any contracts?

No. You'll pay monthly for your LightMail account, and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

How many users can I have?

As many as you want. We don't limit the number of users you can have. Everyone at your agency can use LightMail.

What if I need help?

Our friendly staff provides fast responses to your questions. Get help right inside LightMail, or email .

All plans include these great features and more

LightMail works in these browsers

A note about Internet Explorer – Your customers can sign documents using Internet Explorer 7 or later, but you'll need to use Internet Explorer 9 or later.

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